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It comes down to 3 important things.


All of my plans are personalized and built just for YOU. The Perfect plan will be built around your schedule with the optimal exercises and rep ranges included for maximum results!


My personalized plans are built & formulated specifically for you! You choose the foods you want included & I make them work. Every calorie & macronutrient is calculated perfectly for the fastest results possible!


Your overall Mindset will greatly dictate your level of success. Results come to those who are Dedicated, Motivated, & Consistent in achieving the goals they set for themselves. Positive Actions create Positive Reactions!

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Personalized Training Program
$ 99
Workout Plan Formulated
Around Your Schedule
Goal Dependent With The
Optimal Exercises &
Rep Ranges Included
Killer Ab Routines
To Really Work Your Core
Fat Burning Cardio
Plans Included
Guaranteed To Work Every
Muscle Efficiently & Effectively
A Recommended Supplement
Guide Is Included To Maximize Results
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My 12 Week
Transformation Program
$ 450
Meal Plans &
Workout Plans Included
Workout Plans & Meal
Plans Revised Every 4 Weeks
Ongoing Support!! I’m Available To
Answer Any Questions via Email
Check-Ins Every 4 Weeks To Assess
Progress & To Allow For Adjustments
You Will Have Every Tool Available
In Your Arsenal For Guaranteed Success
The Results Begin When You Do
Best Deal
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Meal Plan
$ 120
Meal Plan Tailored To
Your Individual Goals & Body Type
Plans For Both Males & Females
Ideal For Burning Fat
& Gaining Lean Muscle
You Choose The Foods You Want
& I Make Them Work
Every Macronutrient Is Accounted
For Ensure Optimal Results
Attain Your Dream Body
Macros Listed For Each Meal
So You Can Experiment With IIFYM
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30 Day Challenge
$ 250
Fully Personalized 30 Day Meal Plan & Training Plan
You Choose The Foods You Want Included & A Workout Schedule That Fits Your Lifestyle
Make The Maximum Amount Of Gains In The Shortest Time Frame Possible
100% Dedication Required!
Weekly Accountability Check­-Ins
Best Before/After Transformation Photo Wins $100 Every Month!
Not For The Faint Of Heart Or Weak­-Willed
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4 Week Macro Coaching
$ 300
Remington will calculate the optimal Macronutrient Ratios (Protein, Fat, & Carbs) that you need to hit to reach your goals.
A custom macro nutrient breakdown designed exactly to your body!
Weekly Check-ins and adjustments to ensure we're making optimal progress!
You must be willing to weigh, track, & log your food! (Instructions Provided)
With IIFYM you'll be able eat what you want when you want as long as it fits into your macro guidelines!
Have Remington as your personal nutrition coach for the entire 4 weeks!
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