Personalized Training Program

Going to the gym for the first time can be daunting. There’s all of that complicated equipment with no real instruction. You might as well be assembling a jigsaw puzzle.

"My Legs go where!?"

Hiring a personal trainer can be a costly and embarrassing ordeal that most people would rather avoid.

"So what exactly makes a training routine any good?"

"Are you telling me I shouldn’t go do Bicep Curls everyday?"

The short answer is No. There’s a better, more effective, way to train.

A good training plan effectively works every muscle on the body and gives you optimal rest & recovery time. When you sign up for one of my Personalized Training Plans, you’ll be sent over a questionnaire upon checkout which will give me all of your stats and specific preferences for your training routine.

I then get to work on building the optimal plan for helping you reach your unique fitness goals. All reps and sets are detailed with instructional videos so you’re never confused on what you should be doing. It’s a plan customized to you with guidance on how to execute. Simple and efficient! Ready to go?

The results begin when you do.

  • Get a completely customized training program for your body and fitness goals.
  • Learn how to perform each exercise with detailed instructions and training videos.
  • Work all muscle groups evenly and accurately with a well-rounded routine.
  • Finally see the results you’ve been looking for in the gym!

All for only $99!

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