ABOUT Remington James

QUALIFICATIONS: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Location: Columbus, Ohio

ABOUT: My name is Remington James and I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I specialize in building meal plans & training plans for clients who are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, and take positive action towards being happy and healthy! I’ve worked with multiple clients, both male & female, who have all had different goals and aspirations in regards to their physiques. I’ve helped skinny guys pack on lean muscle and women struggling with their weight drop pounds and inches the healthy way!

Growing up I played Football, ran Track, and did some Weight Training but never really looked the part of a physically fit athlete. My problem was that while the sports kept me active I really had no idea how to diet or train properly, which once high school ended led to me gaining weight and really losing touch with my body. I always looked up to the movie stars and comic book superheroes with their bulging biceps and 6-packs and thought to myself “wow I wish I could look like that!”.

After High School I moved away and went off to College. This is when the sedentary lifestyle and fast food addiction kicked into high gear. I remember my fridge literally having nothing in it but bottled water, soda, and milk. The extent of my cooking was putting a frozen meal in the microwave or mixing cereal and milk together in a bowl. Definitely not a “nutritionally balanced diet” by any stretch of the word. I left college weighing 45 lbs more than I did in High School & after a long stretch of video games, pizza, and alcohol I had reached my lowest point both physically and emotionally. Something needed to change.

I decided to join a gym and with the help of a buddy I had established a fitness plan. I started going to the gym 5 days a week and eating chicken and rice almost every meal (remember I was still a newbie at this point). Within literally 4 weeks I began to watch my body start to change. First it was my muscles which seemed to just “appear” out of nowhere and then my body fat which began to decrease every single week. Within 8 weeks of eating clean and training I could see my abdominal muscles start to form!! I was officially addicted at this point.

What I’ve discovered about fitness & nutrition is that the simplest plan of action is oftentimes the most effective. A foundation of the basic movements and a solid meal plan is key when starting a fitness regiment. With the emergence of the internet, Online Personal Training has become a new phenomenon that is growing every single day. Not only can you save $$$ you can also go to the gym with a plan and purpose without someone barking orders in your ear.

My dream is to help as many people as possible achieve their dream body! After years of being out of shape, unhealthy, and most importantly unhappy I’ve come to the realization that I can use my knowledge and experience to help other people who are in a similar predicament as I once was. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and to become a positive force in the fitness industry! I truly do believe that Online Personal Training is the most effective way to do this!

If you have any questions regarding any of the programs I offer, feel free to Contact Me!

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